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Don't Be a Noob

Basic Building Blocks

What are file extensions?

Imagine all the stuff in your house. Each thing is different and requires a different place to store it. For example; a skateboard needs to be kept in a spot where the wheels won't get damaged,  toys on the shelf, tools hanging from hooks on a wall, food in a cupboard or fridge, and phones where they can be charged. Everything has a place so it can be stored safely.

Digital files are kind of like the stuff in your house, and file extensions are like the places where you store that stuff. Just like your stuff requires a specific place to be stored, each digital file needs a specific file extension so your device knows how to handle it.

For example, if you have a picture of your favourite band, it needs to be saved as a "jpg" file so your computer knows it's an image and can show it to you. If you have a video of your favourite band, it must be saved as an "mp4" file so your computer knows it's a video and can play it for you.

So, next time you save a file, think of it as stuff that needs its own place to be stored (aka file extension) to keep it safe and playable on your device.

Tool Box

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