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OutSide Schools @NIS_Technologies

@NIS Technologies - Student Reflections

  1. Login to your school email account

  2. Make a copy of the document

  3. Share the document with your @NIS technology teacher

  4. Complete the top section  (spelling & punctuation matter)

  5. Write your reflection  (spelling & punctuation matter)

  6. Check  Key Competencies  (how you learned in a particular class)

copy & share document with:
marianne.m@newlandsint (

 copy & share document with:
dianne.m@newlandsint (

copy & share document with:
ashley.w@newlandsint (


 copy & share document with:
cooper.m@newlandsint (

 copy & share document with:

Knowclue AI-03 copy.jpeg

AI art created with Microsoft Bing Image Creator

Knowclue AI-distorted-01 copy.jpeg
Knowclue AI-SCARY 2 copy.jpeg
Knowclue AI-07  BEST copy.jpeg
Knowclue AI-01.png

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